Notion is built to be super collaborative, so there's a number of ways to share the content you create with other people. Our permission levels ensure that they access this content exactly the way you want them to 🀝

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Ways to share

There are several different ways you can share the pages and databases you build in Notion with folks inside and outside your workspace. Below is an overview of all the ways to share.

Share menu

First, here's a quick tour of the Share menu, which can be clicked at the top right of your page. On mobile, click the share icon next to the β€’β€’β€’Β at the top right for the same options.

Share with your team

You can collaborate with other people in Notion by adding them as members to your workspace (Team Plan & Enterprise Plan only). These can be your teammates at work, friends, or anyone you want to work with on pages. There are a few ways to share Notion pages with other members so you can work together: