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Notion vs. Google Docs

View Notion's own competitor comparison page for inspiration.

Notion and Google Docs have a lot of overlapping functionality. But there are several distinct differences that make Notion a more powerful, flexible, and efficient solution for sharing documents, knowledge management, and project work.

↓ New sections can be used in a number of ways, utilising simple column layouts to showcase comparisons, testimonials, and more.

Better navigation

Every document has its place and is logical to find. No more messy folders or searching with useless results. Notion creates clear hierarchy and provides an index to find everything you need.

Find anything in the sidebar

One home base for everything


"I think of Notion as the bones of our company knowledge. Google Docs doesn't provide that because it's not as easy to navigate all of the different things you have going on. Now it's our absolute source of knowledge and project management." — Siqi Chen, CEO, Sandbox VR


↓ Use a simple two-column layout with no image to focus on some important bullet points.

Saves time ⏱

Saves tools 🛠