We have updated our terms and conditions effective April 5, 2024. For existing Customers and Users, these updates will apply beginning on May 4, 2024.

Summary of Changes

We've made several adjustments to improve clarity, update our policies, and introduce new features.

  1. Notion AI Supplementary Terms: We've updated these terms to include Notion Q&A. We've also reiterated our commitment that the use of Notion AI Writer and Notion AI Q&A does not grant Notion rights to use your data for training AI.
  2. License Grant: We've narrowed the license you grant us to your User Content and Customer Data to ensure it is limited to only what is necessary for us to provide the Notion Services to you.
  3. User Content and Conduct Policy: This policy has been updated to add additional restrictions regarding the potential abuse and misuse of AI.
  4. For business Customers, we are modifying our use restrictions to be more clear regarding the prohibitions and how Notion handles excess usage.
  5. Sanctions: We've updated our sanctions language to be more clear and specific about the applicable restrictions.


Q: Do these changes give Notion any new rights to use my or my organization's data? A: No, these changes do not grant Notion any new rights to use your data.

Q: For business Customers, where can I view the updated use restrictions? A: The applicable provisions are Sections 2.1 and 2.3 of the MSA.

Q: Does this update change anything about my subscription to Notion or subscription fees? A: No, this update does not affect your subscription to Notion or subscription fees.