This is a living document with everything we've learned working with people while running a startup. And, of course, we continue to learn. Therefore it's a document that will continue to change.

Everything related to working at Blendle and the people of Blendle, made public.

These are the lessons from three years of working with the people of Blendle. It contains everything from how our leaders lead to how we increase salaries, from how we hire and fire to how we think people should give each other feedback — and much more.

We've made this document public because we want to learn from you. We're very much interested in your feedback (including weeding out typo's and Dunglish ;)). Email us at [email protected]. If you're starting your own company or if you're curious as to how we do things at Blendle, we hope that our employee handbook inspires you.

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Our Feedback Process

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Lessons from three years of HR